11 March 2011

The outfit of the day

Hey out there!
Today is a very special day to me, because... I'VE BOUGHT MY SHOES FOR MY CONFIRMATION! It might sound a little strange that I'm that excited, but I just really like them :-)
I won't show you the dress before the "big day" (haha), because I think it's funnier to let it be a surprise :-)

Well, I wanted to show you the outfit of the day, so here it is..

Tights: Matas - Blouse: Unknown.. - Blazer: Only

I hope your day has been nice untill now!


  1. Dine sko er totalt fede!!! <3

  2. Love that blazer. Loooove it.
    MUCH. Like a lot.

    .. it's awesome :b
    And can't wait to see the dress!

    / fridadamsgaard.blogspot.com

  3. Det ser fedt ud !
    Jeg er helt vild med skoene :)
    jeg skal også snart konfirmere, og glæder mig selv som en sindsyg.


  4. Maja: Tak!<3

    Frida: Thank you! (Can't wait to show you the dress<3)

    Josephine: Jeg glæder mig virkelig også - og tak :)