9 March 2011

New in: Jumpsuit from H&M

Hey guys!
The other day I was in H&M with my friend. I bought this jumpsuit - and I really love it. I think it will be great in the summer time, because it is very soft and light. By the way.. I can't wait untill summer, so I think you'll see it in an outfit soon... maybe, haha.
Actually I'm wearing it right now, but honestly I look like crap at the moment :-)
Price: 250 DKK 100 DKK

What do you think about it?
Love, Laura


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  2. Nice one.. But it not looks like your so high, and when you not are so higt will this one not match you!
    I think it's beautifull when you'r high.. maybe 1,69-1,73 and so whit this one :-)

  3. Eeh.. okay.. I'm only 1,66 but I think it looks nice. Well, as I mentioned in the post, you will soon see it in an "outfit post"


  4. can't wait to see it on you. I'm searching for a jumpsuit like this for so long..


  5. uuuf! man bliver helt forelsket! Elsker den allerede. :-)

    Har du købt den?

  6. Haha.. jeg elsker den også allerede. Ja, det har jeg :-) Den er SÅ rar :-)