19 March 2011

DIY. Hello little girl!

Hey guys!
This morning I watched this blog, and I saw that she had painted a lot of pictures. Then I found a canvas and some paint, and I started painting. I love the way Line (from the blog..) paint, and I tried to paint the picture with some inspiration from her.

Love, Laura

  • The first thing I did, was painting the canvas all pink.
  • Then I dried it with a hair dryer.
  • When it was dry, I painted big red eyes and the top of the head.
  • After that I took a black pen and drew the head and the body - and a little heart.
  • Then I made a new pink colour - a little lighter than the first one, and colored the dress.
  • When the dress was dry, I took some crayons and made some random lines.
  • At last I wrote "hug me" beside the little girl.


  1. Fuck hvor nice Laura du lavede det, så er det kun mig der mangler. Helt vildt fint

    elsker dig<3 Kys


  2. OMG! hvor er det pænt! ville ønske jeg kunne male så pænt som dig!

  3. yeaahh i like!!
    following! =D

  4. Dagmar: Ja, haha! Tak<3

    Sabrin: Tusinde tak!<3

    DO YOU DO: Thanks!<3

  5. Rigtig fine billeder.. Dem kan du sikkert godt sælge :)

  6. Tusinde tak! Sælge?! ej.... haha, nogle der vil købe dem? ha ha

    Kys <3